Hire your next technical team from Moat

Moat is a team of developers who got together to cut off the middlemen.

No unreliable contractors, no cut-me-in recruiters, no own-agenda agencies.

Permanent relationship, scalable workforce We sit in your team for as long as we’re needed.

Simple contracts We use a flexible contract with monthly charges. One month of notice period. Add or remove developers as needed.

The hard part is not finding them. It’s keeping them We focus on developer wellbeing so you can focus on your project.

Dedicated Account Manager You will have an account manager always available. Any feedback you give about our developers will immediately become action points.
No Hiring Needed Need developers now? Moat can provide you with on-demand professionals. We’re ready to start ASAP and when your needs change we ask only for one month of notice.
Motivated Developers Because we’re developers managing developers, we know how to mix remuneration, learning and challenge to keep our developers motivated and focused.
The Moat Family Moat developers are infused with impeccable professional standards. We have a name to keep. Our culture ensures you’re working with skilled and proactive developers.